Get to know Nomadic Travel Bliss

Even when you work full-time, take the opportunity to travel as much as you can, whenever and wherever you can!

Hi! I’m Karen, a 27-year-old girl (yes, I do still feel like a girl instead of calling myself a Woman). When is anyone really ‘all grown up ‘ anyway? :).
Born and raised AND working in my home country, Belgium. A communication/marketing specialist by education, an e-commerce specialist by profession (a full-time job) and a curious Scorpion who is passionate about travel (which also means food!), dance and photography by nature.

Not long ago, I was looking for travel inspiration and ‘travel while you’re working’.
Well, I didn’t find anything that could take away the feeling I had… Will 20 legal holidays ever be enough to explore the world? You should see my bucket list, it’s gigantonormous! So, I decided to start my own blog, about travelling when you are working, because with a little luck and effort, you can combine the two! I will give tips on destinations, share my favorite places in the world and my home country Belgium and show you my pictures of nature, panoramic views, historical buildings and food (ow yes).
Want to know more about me? Read this!
Enjoy and share the knowledge!
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