Sunny Sunday: a day out in the harbour of Antwerp

Belgian summer, not always a success story, but so far, very good! πŸ™‚

In June (2017), my boyfriend and I took the opportunity to finally cash in the voucher ‘Activities together’ (I know, selfish gift, right πŸ˜‰ ), which I gave him for his birthday. We chose to go on a boat trip. And not just any boat trip: one that takes you through the harbour of the great city of Antwerp, Belgium and where you can eat all the pancakes you want on board.
The operator was called Jan Plezier, the boat ‘Pannenkoekenboot’ or Pancake boat (very creative, more here) and it was fun indeed, although very hot on deck as there was no screen to protect us from the blazing hot sun (we both looked like lobsters when we got home that evening).

I love to wander around in cities on foot to get to know them and exploring them from the water is a great way to get a different perspective. But of course, you already knew that fromΒ my post about Malta πŸ˜‰ .
And in Belgium, there are great places where you can enjoy the city from the water, such as Ghent and of course Bruges.

Talk about a different perspective, this is the hypermodern new Port House of Antwerp. Designed by Zaha Hadid and also know as the ‘diamond ship’, referring to Antwerp’s diamond trade history.Β You can also see it from the docks, but you get the best views from the water.

After the boat trip, we went on to check out the rest of the harbour area (know as ‘Het Eilandje’ and ‘Schipperskwartier’) and visited the MAS, Museum Aan de Stroom. >
Yet another very modern landmark Antwerp can be proud of (but don’t tell them that, they already know πŸ˜‰ ). You can go all the way up to the 9th floor to get a panoramic, 360-degree view of the city, for free! The design is meant to reproduce a 19th-century warehouse (they used to be a common sight in the area, so again another successful marriage between the old and the new), with the floors of the museum stacked like boxes. The windows are also special as they are designed as waves. Look out if you can see the ‘Dead skull’ on the square in front of the MAS, a huge mosaic by one of Antwerp’s artists, Luc Tuymans.

From the harbour area, it’s a very easy and nice walk to get to the center of the city, and if you get hungry along the way, the street facing the museum is packed with nice bars, cafΓ©s and restaurants.

Antwerp harbour_NTB

This really was the first time we visited this area of the city and we have to say: we will be back for more! πŸ˜€

Enjoy your Summer!

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