The week where Malta lost the Azure Window and we lost our Jack

This week was cursed…

On the 8th of March 2017, the famous and beautiful Azure Window on the island of Gozo, Malta collapsed after a heavy storm. The waves of the sea and the force of the wind were so powerful that the already eroded and damaged rocks could not take it any longer, crashed into the sea and practically disappeared completely. Locals went to check it out and saw with their own eyes that one of the most important natural landmarks of their island was destroyed.

Azure Window Malta gone

You cannot mess with nature, and you cannot control it.
Although, personally, I believe that strict measures to protect it could have been taken sooner. It was already a known fact that the natural monument was in trouble after geologists researched it, but the only actual step that was taken was to make it a no go-zone. People are also blaming the cliff jumper that jumped of the rock last year and took a large piece with him. He uploaded this onto Youtube, so the whole world could see how cool he is.  I think this guy was just as intelligent and respectful as tourists taking or trying to take selfies with statues/animals and destroying them in the act.
That’s sarcasm of course: they are f-ing idiots.
If you can’t respect the nature and culture of the place you are traveling to, you need to stay at home. I’m not talking about every cliff jumper or tourist who walked on top of the Azure Window, but they should know better than to jeopardize a vulnerable structure.

Terrible day for Malta. I was planning on visiting Malta and Gozo in May 2017. Am I doubting about going now? Maybe a little bit, Ryanair is not helping in any case. Prices for airplane tickets have increased big time (and I’ve checked, it’s not because more seats are being filled, it’s just them, raising prices artificially) and I have ‘sinned’ against my own rule of booking tickets at least 3 months beforehand. Of course I had my reasons to do so. The island has so many other, great things to see and visit so I don’t think I will change my travel plans because of this, although it’s very unfortunate that I never had the chance to see it intact.

Disaster never comes alone.
The day before the collapse, I had to make the hardest decision of my life, so I had been crying practically the whole day anyway. Our sweet, smart and gorgeous cat Jack, who had been with us for only 3,5 months and who lived in our renovated home even before we did, was hit (by a car? A psychotic neighbor? We will never really be sure) and got injured badly. I never thought that taking her to the vet would result in us going home without her and never seeing her again. She was my very first cat and she found us, she was our little adopted hobo. I never realized that loosing her would hurt so much. I can only find comfort in the fact that she had everything she needed with us, including lots of love, was happy to come home to us and that we found her and didn’t make her suffer any longer than necessary. I will always remember her, especially her funny noises, curious nature, her vibrating tail (enthousiasm) when she saw me and the way she followed us during a walk of 8 km. 🙂


Jack following me while checking the water meter

I often say time flies too quickly, but this week can not go by fast enough. Because only with time, the hurt will fade (never disappear) and hopefully governments realize that they need to protect nature better and stop seeing it as a way to make money.

Staying strong & keeping hopeful,

karen Signature


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