I’m not crazy, I’m a Generation Y Hypersensitive Scorpio – that means passion, a lot of passion (Part 1)

I read a lot about adventurers (age does not matter) who had either taken the time to travel when they graduated or they quit their jobs to go and explore the world. I am a true travel addict and I never did that nor do I, at the moment, have any prospect to just say: “F everything, I’m going to backpack around the world!”  

Good for them! I love reading their stories. As for me, I wanted to start working as soon as possible after my graduation. Never even thought about taking a ‘gap year’… Should I have taken one so I could travel for a few months or more after I graduated? 
No. Why? I just wasn’t ready for it. It is that simple. 
No one should feel bad because they started working right after graduation. I learned a lot about myself in 5 years of working, image what else I can learn! Follow your own path. 


Do I want to give up one thing (the job) to be able to have the other (travel)? Nope.
My motto could easily be: “I want it ALL and I want it NOW!” I’ve made a travel bucket list of 2 x 25 items, but it will never be totally complete, since I keep discovering new things. 
Haha, sounds like the stereotypical Generation Y, doesn’t it? 😉

I am not the patient type, I just want to see, feel, do, eat (ow yes!), sleep, and live! Being hypersensitive, more precisely a High Sensation Seeker, does not make this easier ;-). If you are like me: constantly living with one foot on the gas pedal and the other one on the brakes at the same time, you will definitely know what I am talking about.
In my case, I have learned this trough trial, error and success. When you don’t get enough rest, you crash. When you rest too much (“Mmh, that agenda is looking pretty empty, do I have no life?!”) or you do too much of the same thing (construction work in your house: it can be a real pain in the *blieeeb*), you get restless. 😀

A lot of different impulses, that sometimes completely exhaust you. And yet, impulses are what you need.

For me, music (especially dance and deep house) and dancing (oriental and freestyle) make me feel great! Expressing yourself without words is powerful, although I love words a lot, too. Writing and correcting texts, mmm! 😉

Being in touch with nature and having quality time to do the things I love with the people I love is extremely important. And travel, for me, is exactly that:

– Quality time with family, friends, my boyfriend and Me, Myself and I
– Being in touch with history (looking for the ‘deeper meaning’)
– Feeling one with nature (peace & quiet, aaah!)
– Connecting with (new) people (apart from my Me, Myself & I-time)

Travel has been a great way to exploring myself and evolving into the person I am today. I am really happy with who I am right now. Maybe I should worry and ‘over analyze’ less and just go with the flow more, but besides that: very happy ;-).

Next to travel, studying and working have also been very important for me to get to know who I really am (I still surprise myself :-p) and of course: the lovely people who are closest to me and who say: Yes, you can! And dancing, ooh how I love dancing!

Here is a GIF of our latest oriental dance performance:

Dancing is a great way of expressing yourself without words. It lets your body talk for you. This is also where the Scorpion part comes in.
Scorpio’s are passionate, curious, exacting, love extremes, combative, reflective, always looking for the deeper meaning. They can not be fooled and will see right trough lies. But they are the most loyal friends once you proved you are worthy of their trust and friendship.

How many of these mysterious creatures, born between 23 October and 21 November, do you know? I personally know a lot of fellow Scorpio’s, there are many to be found on the traveling road and in the (oriental) dance circuit.

And that’s no surprise, they are often curious people, looking to find themselves and to find out more about other people and the way the world works. Not that they are lost, on the contrary (my dear Watson), they are in perfect control of themselves and are very warm-hearted, once you have earned their trust and you look past their first appearance; on the outside, Scorpio’s are doing everything to hide the volcano within, so they often seem as if 1. they are going to eat you alive, 2. they could not care less about you. Talk to them, they won’t bite or sting you with their tail (at least not all of them) :-D.


If you are a Scorpio, I’m sure you had this experience before:
‘When I meet someone (and instantly feel at ease and can talk about things that go way beyond chitchatting about a new pair of shoes) and it turns out to be a Scorpio, too, I knew that deep down!”

There is some kind of connection, because they often feel and like the same, deeper-than-the-sea things. Here is more on Scorpio’s, I will tell you more about it in other posts.

For now, I have some more travel planning to do. I have been spending ages on finding a great ‘romantic’ hotel in Prague and it’s driving me crazy (Libra is so close to Scorpio 😉 ), so I’m booking, right now! 🙂
karen Signature
Thanks to Let’s Be Wild for the amazing picture!
PS: All signs welcome of course 😉 But Scorpio’s are just closest to me ❤
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