And here it is: the Bucket List of Nomadic Travel Bliss, part 2

As I already mentioned in a previous blog article: Just 25 things on my travel bucket list, are you kidding me? With so many wonderful things to see and do, here is the rest of my list. 25 more, adding up to a total of 50 things (in a random order) I would love to experience and I will do my very best to get there (also: see my comment on the bottom of this list).

  1. Visit an authentic brewery in Belgium
    DONE (several occasions)
    Brouwerij Haacht nv (Boortmeerbeek): bedrijfsreportage

  2. Go to an authentic Carnival celebration abroad (Venice, Italy/ New Orleans, USA/Rio de Janeiro, Brasil), and the carnival in Aalst, Belgium is amazing 😀

  3. Photograph the salt flats of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia ⇒ Goal for 2020

  4. Swim in an infinity pool
    DONE (in 2017, Malta)

  5. Walk from Europe to Asia: crossing the Bosporus in Istanbul (Turkey)

  6. Take my mom on a trip to remember
    DONE (in 2016, Bulgaria)

  7. Go on a honeymoon to a tropical island (the Caribbean, Tahiti, Fiji, …)

  8. Go hiking in the north of Vietnam ⇒ Goal for 2018

  9. Make a few good friends while traveling
    DONE (on many occasions, and hopefully many more)

  10. See the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone NP, USA

  11. Eat street food in South East Asia
    DONE (in 2014, Thailand and to be repeated!)

  12. Visit (one of) the most beautiful island(s) in the world: Palawan, the Philippines

  13. See the statue of Liberty in New York, USA
    DONE (in 2011)

  14. Go for a night out in one of the best clubs in the world (several occasions)

  15. Explore Machu Picchu, Peru ⇒ Goal for 2020

  16. Experience the Full Madness at Tomorrowland, Belgium

  17. Photograph the Grand Canyon, USA

  18. Feel like a Lord of the Rings in New-Zealand

  19. Visit the most ancient cities in Europe: Rome, Italy and Athens, Greece
    DONE (Rome in 2013, Athens in 2014)

  20. Take a crazy trip for my 30th birthday that I will remember forever 🙂 AUSTRALIA!
    ⇒ Goal for 2018
    Ayers Rock Under a Blue Sky Uluru National Park, Australia

  21. (One of) my pictures appearing in a travel magazine (online or offline), such as National Geographic Traveller.

  22. Get to know more about the ancient culture of the Aztecs and Maya’s in Mexico

  23. Overlook Cape Town from the Table Mountain, South Africa ⇒ Goal for 2020

  24. Do something important to help a local community and/or help wild animals
    bucket oli

  25. Visit the land of fire & ice (Iceland) DONE (July 2017)

And above all, when I’ve reached a certain age, probably with (grand)kids running around: sitting in my own garden, looking at my enormous amount of photo books, wearing earrings which I bought on one of my trips, feeling absolutely blissful that I got to see so many amazing things in this world.

Enjoy composing! 😉

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