The Nomadic Travel Bliss Bucket List, part 1

Ok, how am I doing this… This huge task of putting everything I would like to see and visit in one list, which will actually never ever be ‘done’, because I keep hearing and reading so many interesting things about Country A, Place B, Mountain X and Restaurant Y…

However! I can honestly say that what you will find below is what I, Karen, at this moment in time, would like, love, craaaave to see in this huge yet tiny, always fascinating world!

My list doesn’t consist of countries, but of experiences, the things I really want to do while I’m in a specific country. Obviously you can’t say you’ve been to Singapore because your plane had to make a stop and you were there for the full 3 hours. I can’t scratch out the destination on my world map unless I was truly there ;).

I want to BE there, LIVE the experience! 🙂 To not make this post overly long, I will limit this one to 25 experiences, there will probably, most likely, of course there will, be a ‘part 2‘ published any time soon. 😉

  1. See the Aurora Borealis or northern lights (Iceland/Scandinavia)
    Noorderlicht Nomadic Travel Bliss.PNG

  2. Wander around Angkor Wat (Cambodia)
    ⇒ Goal for 2018

  3. Drink Porto in Porto (Portugal)
    DONE (in 2016) graham-porto

  4. Feel amazed by nature’s beauty on the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)

  5. See the Big 5 in Africa (Tanzania/Kenya/Zimbabwe/South Africa)
    ⇒ Goal for 2020

  6. Experience the spring/fall in Kyoto/the island of Hokkaido (Japan)
    ⇒ Goal for 2019

  7. Drive around in Havana in a Classic car (Cuba)
    DONE (in 2013)

  8. (learn to) Dance the tango in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

  9. Learn Spanish  in Costa Rica

  10. Fly over Cappadocia in a hot air balloon (Turkey)

  11. Cruise along the fjords (Norway)

  12. Get splashed by a huge natural waterfall (Iceland, Niagara Falls, USA and Canada/ Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Brasil/Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe) 
    DONE (July 2017, many wonderful waterfalls in Iceland)

  13. Eat authentic pasta dishes and gelato in Italy
    DONE (in 2010, Venice and Florence) italian-food

  14. Go island hopping (Greece/Croatia/Indonesia/the Caribbean)

  15. See the sun rise over Bagan, Myanmar

  16. Go to a performance in a historical building
    DONE (in 2015, Opera ‘Figaro’ by Mozart
    in the historical Opera house of Budapest)


  17. Drink whisky where whisky was born (Ireland/Scotland)

  18. Do a road trip in the USA

  19. See the sunset on a volcanic beach (Canary Islands, …)
    DONE (in 2014, Tenerife)

  20. Stand on top of the Eiffel tower to have a panoramic view over Paris (France)

  21. Visit the Alhambra in Granada (Spain)

  22. Take the Trans-Mongolia Express from Moscow to Beijing (Russia/Mongolia/China)

  23. Celebrate (Chinese) New Year abroad (Sydney, Australia/New York, USA/China)
    ⇒ Goal for 2018

  24. Sleep under the stars in the desert and see the sunrise
    DONE (in 2009, Morroco)

  25. Go on a longer Solo Trip
    DONE (My 1st Great Continental Railway Journey, in 2015)

Here is some extra inspiration if you want to design your own list:

Enjoy composing! 🙂 And check out part 2 of my travel bucket list.

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