Sprout to be WORKING IN #Brussels!

What can I say about the city I have been working in for almost 5 years now…

I hate you, you are too loud, too messy, too multicultural!
I like you, you have a great, car free shopping area and historical buildings (people should look up to the sky more to see them!), even though tourists and the busy working force are driving me crazy sometimes. In my lunch break, I sometimes just want to be able to relax.

And I’m starting to love you, just now.Β You have such lovely, cosy squares, your multicultural inhabitants make you a foodie’s dream and on a warm, summer’s day, I can relax in your parks, near your fountains and even your beautiful forest. And the buildings! So many gorgeous historical buildings, not just here and there, but all over the city, everywhere.

You have a way of surprising me. For example, yesterday, as usual, I took my break way to late, so I had to rush my walk. Arriving at the Place de la Bourse (Beurs), there was a film crew, something that looked like a parade and a flash mob, and lots of curious people taking pictures. Hah, that just made my day! Here’s the video I made.

Even though you seem a bit daunting at times when it gets dark, the areas where people can go and enjoy you are still plentiful, and I’ve just noticed this. Great, right, I’ve been working in the heart of Brussels for 3 years now (I used to work near the Ter Kameren bos at the end of Avenue Louise), and I’m realizing that in those 3 years, I really haven’t seen sht… Well, it’s time to change that and now I have a plan! πŸ™‚ Every Monday, I will visit a different restaurant, take a walk in the city center (not just on Mondays :)) and I will post pictures on my Instagram account, adding the known # of Visit Brussels and Sprout to be Brussels, because it really is a city to be proud of, even though it can also be very weird :D. As in all cities worth exploring, you just have to know where to go.

An American girl, who I met in Lisbon last May, asked me insider tips on Belgium and Brussels and other cities to visit. I told her: ‘Don’t stay in Brussels, stay in another city and just visit Brussels’. I will not say that anymore, I will say ‘Come and stay in Brussels, walk around, eat (a lot), visit museums, relax in the parks and on the sun terraces, you will like it, I do.’



Here is a walk of about 10 km you can take, it takes you to many different and nice places. It’s provided by Reisroutes.be, which I often use to explore new cities because they have great free walks you can do by your own. And this is a screenshot (here’s the link to Maps) of one of my favorite walks, short, but so amazing, and you can stop for lunch in Brussels’ very own ‘Chinatown’ near the Antoine Dansaert street. Don’t forget to look UP! πŸ™‚

Walk in Brussels center


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